Alvarinho Soalheiro Reserva 2012

The grapes are harvested by hand from selected grapes in our vines at Quinta de Soalheiro that we manage in an organic concept to protect the viticultural ecosystem, improve the biodiversity and the environment sustainability. The microclimate that influences the production of Alvarinho grapes is very particular. Melgaço region, the northern point of Portugal, is protected by a range of mountains that create the perfect conditions of rainfall, temperature and number of hours of sunshine needed to the better ripeness of the Alvarinho grapes. The brand name – Soalheiro – arises from the excellent sun exposure of the vineyards bearing the same name – a sunny place.

2012 – a perfect harvest. The summer months and specifically August had moderate temperatures and cool nights that favoured a slow maturation and the concentration of the varietal aromas on the grapes. The beginning of September warm and dry contributed to a perfect balance in the Alvarinho. In 2012, flowering occurred two weeks later than last harvest, because of the little precipitation in winter. The rain arrived later and some during flowering which led to smaller grapes, but very balanced. This year we began the harvest on the second week of September to maintain usual freshness in the Soalheiro.

Melgaço, Monção

The grapes are harvested manually in boxes of small capacity and carried to the cellar in a short space of time. After the pressing and the before fermentation with controlled temperature, the must was decanted during 48 hours. The fermentation and aging take place in French oak (new and used), and remained in “batonnage” with fine lees until the end of August 2012.

Grape Varieties
Alcohol (%)
Total Acidity (g/dm3)
Volatile Acidity (g/dm3)
{ The values are approximate }
Tasting Notes

Citrus colour, elegant and full flavour with oak notes, maintaining the freshness and fruit of Alvarinho grape. The flavour is full bodied and complex.

Food Suggestions

Ideal as an aperitif or to accompany seafood dishes, fish or poultry dishes.



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Enorme delicadeza aromática, com notas de flore de laranjeira, casca de tangerina, lima, tudo envolvido em suaves fumados. Perfumado e elegante, profundo e rico, todo em delicadeza, sofisticação e finura.

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